RAM015 – Fred De F – I Want FPV Now

Discover the latest Fred de F’s single : I want FPV now. The name of the song is a reference to Frederic’s other passion : building model airplanes. Fred de Foriginal version combines elements of traditional house with modern electro soundings ; the bassline drives the track and, combined with very distingtive compression and mixing techniques, definetely rocks the dancefloor. Tom Donax composes the « old school remix » in the pure tradition of French Touch by bringing a lead vocal, a groovy bassline, and a positive atmosphere. You will recognize Donax first loves for jazz and funk. The track infuse vibe from the very first hearing and is a good version for select clubs. Fred de F and Tom Donax have shaped the second French Touch movement with their original approach of electronic music. Their first commercial success was Electro Modulator and Dreamin’ respectively. Since 2002, they run their own record label Radioactif Music based at Aix-­‐en-­‐Provence in Southern France.


RAM015 Fred De F I Want FPV Now