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Tom Donax

Tom Donax’ real name is Thomas Donati. He was born in Toulon (South of France) in May 1984. His father was a former trumpetist in a jazz band and inspired him to learn play music at a very young age. He studied the piano for several years and later learned to play the trumpet. Exposed to an artistic background since his childhood, Thomas plays a lot but most of all prefers composing his own melodies.

In High School, he took an interest in electronic music and its unlimited possibilities. The “French touch” movement was celebrating its heyday during this period in France. He bought his first equipments and set them up in his bedroom and began exploring the technological possibilities of music. His influences come directly from Jazz, Funky music, bands and artists such as Kool & the Gang, Toto, Vangelis, Dobbie Brothers to Jean Michel Jarre, Air, and the Chemical Brothers.

At seventeen, Thomas met Fred de F, a southern French artist with the same passion and they decided immediately to work together. A year later, they created their own record label, “Radioactif Music” to maintain their independence of creation that is expressed through their innovative musical fusion.

In his first debut single Radioactif Music EP “Hot Clubbers” (RAM001), Thomas delivers two fresh tracks “Express your love” and “House Feelings”.  This first opus was distributed inhouse, selling their record from shop to shop.

In 2005, Thomas then 20, released the third record which has driven Radioactif to the international scene.  Soon after the release of the song Dreamin’, the progressive, funky bass captivated DJ’s attention.
With a strong remix from Fred, this RAM003, different in nature from the happening style is being played in the finest clubs, for the pleasure of the audience who is led into a dream, the space of an instant, by the chorus.

Several months later, Fred de F asked Thomas to remix the track “Disco Revolution”(RAM004) which also became very popular.


Label : RadioActif Music

Hot Clubbers Thomas Donati “Express Your Love” et “House Feelings”2003
Tom Donax “Dreamin”2005
Remix : “Fred De F Disco Revolution Tom Donax Remix”2004
Tom Donax “Electrochoc”2006
Tom Donax “Glory”2007
Remix : Fred De F “Disco DanceFloor Tom Donax Remix”
Tom Donax et Fred De F “Dreamin Versus Electron Modulator”2008

Label Pokker Music

Pokker Life “I Wanna Be Your Love”
Pokker life “So You Can”
Remix : Horny United “Golden Faces – part 2 Pokker Life Remix”

Fred De F / Fred DeFrance


Precocious and gifted, Fred de F touches his first keyboard at 3 years old. Very attracted to music, he learned very fast to recognised and reproduce songs.
Jean Michel Jarre, its first influence, drove him to the electronic music. “Jarre is an artistic model who pioneered the computer music, used by everybody nowadays” says Frederic, feeling admiration for Vangelis too…

Discovering the guitar with artists like Jimmy Hendrix and Carlos Santana, he was driven to the rock music sphere during his teenage years.

Fred’s influences are very eclectic.

During his teenage years, he listened to Rage Against the machine, Metallica, Offspring, Iron Maiden, Nirvana… It was also the period in which he felt in love with the Bass, its instrument of predilection.

Later, marqued by the DJ movement, Fred came back to electronic music. In this universe, Fred who early on was playing popular pieces, prefers now to compose and perform his own material.

Five albums, very strucked by the bass and a strong compression have been released through the internet. With a music style in constant progress, his tracks such as Baby for Love, Electric Funky and many more were successful and ranked amongst the best downloads; He finished fourth in 1999 Vitaminic contest.

In 2003 with Thomas, they created their own record label “Radioactif Music” in order to be independent in their musical choices.
His records on Radioactif Section Rock (RAM002), Disco Revolution(RAM004), Electron modulator, Funky love (RAM005) have been widely played. There is always something mystery that makes you move, maybe that mixture between rock, funk and Electro !

Fred is often called for remixing records from others artists and made several collaborations with Dj Rien, Tom Donax, Dj Kolesky & Dj Raxx, Mox Codeta,BodyHeat ,David Kane Kraft …

Label : RadioActif Music

Fred de F et Thomas Donati «Hot Clubbers : Indian Spirit, Dadada X »
Fred De F et Dj Rien “Section Rock”
Remix : Tom Donax Dreamin’Fred De F Remix
Fred De F « Disco Revolution »
Fred De F « Electron Modulator »
Remix : Tom Donax « Electrochoc »Fred De F Remix
Fred De F « Project X » « Stand Up »
Remix : Tom Donax “Glory” Fred De F Remix
Fred De F “Disco DanceFloor”
Fred De F and Tom Donax “Dreamin’ Versus Electron Modulator”

Label : Pokker Music

Pokker Life “I Wanna Be Your Love”
Pokker Life “So You Can”

Remix :

Platine “RamSamSam” Fred De F Mix GBLR Prod
Dj Kolesky Feat Damona “Please Let Me Go Away”  Fred De F RMX Nord Way
Sandragon « Nothing To Make Is Easy » Fred De F RMX Nord Way
Kolesky & Raxx “ Electro Bumpin’ Strange  Confusion” Remix By Fred De F HypeTraxx
Steve Shine “NightBeat “ Fred De F Remix HypeTraxx
ELIESS Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough Fred De F Remix GBLR Prod / HypeTraxx
KRAFFT “BeepBeep” Fred De F Remix HypeTraxx/AirPlay Records
REDONE « Everybody Clap Your Heads » Fred De F Remix HypeTraxx /AirPlay Records
DAVID KANE “Club Sound” Fred De F Remix HypeTraxx / AirPlay Records
West and Girls Remix Fred De F Remix Eggo Music
Laurent Schark & Frank Savannah –“Boost Up Your Life” Fred De F Remix Evolusound
Kolesky & Raxx “IBIZA TO KAZANTIP” Fred De F Remix CCCP Recordings
Dirty Boyz “Lick Me” Fred De F Remix Neptun Records
Dj crazy feat vicky verssace “Dream Code” Fred De F Remix GBLR Prod / HypeTraxx
Bodyheat , S Scott “If U Wanna Party” Fred De F Remix Airplay