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RadioActif Music 

Welcome in the RadioActif Musics youtube fan.
The label, based in southern France (Aix-en-Provence) was created in 2002 by two musicians and passionate of electronic music,
Frederic Castaldo and Thomas Donati respectively a.k.a Fred de F and Tom Donax.
So far, the label has produced 13 records all colored by a very specific and unique French Touch sound.
Youve already listened to some RadioActif sounds, youve got one or many records from the RAM collection,
you love the weekly podcast or you are just simply curious, then the group is the best means to get fresh news about the label activities.

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RadioActif Music RAM Playlist

RadioActif Music, Remix, Productions Playlist

Techno Electro Minimal House Label
Fred de F
Tom Donax
Lg Maïwenn

RAM017-Fred-DeFrance - Experimental
RAM016 - Fred De F - You want my love
RAM015 Fred De F I Want FPV Now
RAM014 LG Maïwenn Take a Deep Breath

RAM013 Fred DE F Cloud Tom Donax Remix
RAM012 Underground Spirit - Tom Donax
Ram011 Fred De F Minimal Game
RAM 010 Tom Donax & Fred de F : Dreamin' Versus Electron Modulator
RAM 009 Fred de F : Disco DanceFloor

RAM 008 Tom Donax : Glory
RAM 007 Fred de F : Project X
RAM 006 Tom Donax et Fred de F : Electrochoc

RAM 005 Fred de F et Mox Codeta Remix : Electron Modulator
RAM 004 Fred de F et Tom Donax Remix, Kolesky et Raxx Mix : Disco Revolution
RAM 003 Tom Donax et Fred de F Mix : Dreamin
RAM 002 Fred de F et Dj Rien : Section Rock
RAM 001 Fred de F et Thomas Donati : Hot Clubbers

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